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The Defragmentation Brigade

These people epitomise all that is bad about computer-care.

  • They read a book once, it had ‘Technical’ in the title.
  • They read a website once, it had ‘Tweaks’ in the title.
  • They fix their mom’s computer, installing realms of free anti-spyware software when doing so.
  • They enable the windows firewall on a trusted lan, and install another firewall for good measure.
  • They use the words ‘Anti-Virus’, ‘Anti-Spyware’ and ‘Firewall’ interchangeably.
  • They say things like ‘fix it in the bios’.
  • Their favourite piece of software is called ‘Super Extra Registry Clean Optimizer’ (order of adjectives varies).
  • They know all about ‘l-eye-nux': It’s fast, efficient, wonderful.  Some day they know they’ll try it too.
  • And they honestly believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that defragmenting a computer hard disk fixes issues.

So, if you ever have a computer problem, and someone gives you some advice containing the word ‘defragment’, consider running away, very fast.  God has a special level of hell reserved for these people, and you don’t want to be near them when he sends them there.

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Farewell Mr Bush, we’ll miss you

Some highlights of his speeches.  My personal favourite has to be “The left hand [raises right hand] now knows what the right [raises left] is doing”.



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Coppermine vs Gallery

The time came (yesterday) for me to update my Coppermine photo gallery install.  It’s probably been 2 years since I installed it, and no doubt there are many impressive upgrade options that I’m missing.  Well, look I did, and none could I find.  I updated to the latest stable, and essentially everything looks exactly the same to me.

So I had a look around for other similar software.  And thanks to an ILUG post from the few months ago, I found Gallery.  This is a considerable step up from Coppermine, and it’s a lot easier to install/set-up.

Until I can find a nice way of redirecting from Coppermine to Gallery, I’m going to keep both sites running.

My Coppermine Photo Gallery

My Gallery2 Photo Gallery

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Using Acupressure to alleviate Jetlag

Sounds insane doesn’t it?  So insane in fact that had I not heard of its effectiveness from a reliable source (a co-worker), I would never have considered trying it.  But try it I did (on my most recent Ireland-Argentina flight), and most effective did I find it.  Extremely so in fact: thus far, I have experienced no jetlag from the journey (where I would normally spend several days recovering).

So what is this miracle cure?  It involves massaging (or applying pressure to) certain parts of your body, at certain times during the flight.  It’s a little complicated, so I think it best to leave the full explanation to the experts: Jetlag Treatment from NaturoDoc.

Many thanks to Stéphane for bringing it to my attention.

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Cisco Router: Which IP is connected to which port?

This isn’t any great revelation I know, it’s simply a reminder-to-self, because I seem to have a mental block when it comes to this.

show arp

show mac

And that’s it.  The arp table will give you the ip-to-mac mapping, and the mac table will give you the mac-to-port mapping.