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iPhone 3.0 Update, but no delivery reports

How could apple develop things like MMS, vCard support, and even peer-to-peer connections for the iPhone, and yet omit gaping holes like SMS delivery report support?  I’m starting to think that SMS delivery reports don’t work in Cupertino.

Edit (July 2009): If you’re interested in getting this feature added to the iPhone OS, please vote for it here: Please Add Delivery Reports to the iPhone.

Update (October 2009): No more silliness with prefixes needed – if you’ve a jailbroken phone, you can now get genuine delivery reports. More info here.

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The Millimetre Crisis in Hoodwinked Kingdom

The Great Big Millimetre Crisis in Hoodwinked Kingdom. by Christopher Brooks

It came about that a whole kingdom was cast
over by a spell from a tiny sect in it’s territory
that from this day forth all “millimetres” belong and are
controlled in supply by their new “mm” bank.

This sect grew in power and found many clever
ways to manipulate and pervert the “mm” from
it’s genuine honest scientific function as a stable
medium of exchange.

The sect grew it’s influence by supporting
the Hocus Pokus University to research
the scarcity of “mm” theory and the
Spellmaker Press always published
the “Coping with limited “mm” stress”
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htmlspecialchars for mysql

Yes, it’s bad, evil, nasty, and just plain wrong.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t occasions when you do need to spew out html directly from mysql (or at least I’ve found one).


DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS `htmlspecialchars`$$
CREATE FUNCTION `htmlspecialchars` (_str text) RETURNS text
	set _str = replace(_str, '"', '"');
	set _str = replace(_str, '&', '&');
	set _str = replace(_str, '<', '&lt;');
	set _str = replace(_str, '>', '&gt;');
	return _str;


Usual disclaimers apply.


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