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CSS min-width for Buttons in safari/webkit

… has stopped working in the latest webkit versions (for quite some time actually).

CSS min-width ignored for input type=”button” on webkit

(ok, you guessed it, I’m posting this just to draw uncle G’s attention. Sorry!)

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United Buddy Bears, Plaza San Martín, Buenos Aires

DSC00327.jpgDSC00330.jpgIMG_0050.jpgA rather novel idea: bear statues, each decorated independently by an artist on the theme of a country. Called the United Buddy Bears, they are touring the world and spending a few weeks in Plaza San Martín in Buenos Aires.

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Floralís Genérica, Buenos Aires

This is simply a gigantic metal flower which opens and closes in response to the sunshine.Floralis_Generica_02.jpgFloralis_Generica_07.jpgFloralis_Generica_10.jpg

Designed by Eduardo Catalano, and built with the help of Daimler, it was gifted to the city in 2002.

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All zero dates, mysql, and jdbc

Cannot convert value '0000-00-00 00:00:00' from column N to TIMESTAMP

Familiar? This problem arises because ‘null’ dates in MySql are generally represented as ‘0000-00-00 00:00:00′, which, while valid in MySql, are completely forbidden in jdbc.

There is a wonderful workaround however, simply add the zeroDateTimeBehavior parameter to the end of your jdbc url as follows:


And that’s it, zero dates will be converted to nulls and jdbc will be happy.


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