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DailyTvTorrents gone

Just a few hours ago, disappeared, replaced with the message:

2013-04-25: Sorry guys, our hosting provider kicked us out so we have to be offline for now. I’m very busy nowadays and I don’t have time to look for a new place. If you think you know a solution you can reach me here:
Until then, it was a nice ride. :–)
Ps: you can check this page from time to time, I will try to keep you updated when I know more. I got some really nice email, thank you guys.

For a time this was probably the best TV torrent site on the web, well-categorised, always current, and with a decent backlog. It’s sad to see it go.

For the present I’ll leave it as part of my Torrent-friendly Sick-beard fork. Users can simply uncheck it on the ‘Search Providers’ page.

My thanks to Richard and all at for a wonderful service over the last few months. Hope this isn’t the end for you.


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Sickbeard Manual RSS/Custom Torrent Providers

Note: Since this post was written, TvTumbler was born. Going forward, all new development will be in TvTumbler.

Custom RSS Torrent feedI’ve added experimental support for Custom RSS torrent feeds into my sickbeard fork.

The whole thing should be self-explanatory I think. Currently I use the following feeds myself:

  • TPB – TvTeam:
  • TPB – VTV:
  • TPB – ettv:

These are links to the rss feeds for specific users on
Obviously any rss feed that includes links to download torrent files (or public magnet links) will work also.

Other feeds that have been recommended to me (but I don’t use myself) include:

  • BT-chat:

(Please feel free to recommend others in the comments)

Consider this experimental for now. It works for me, but I can’t guarantee that it will work for anyone else.

Check out this post for more details about this fork.