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How to delete everything from your library

So, well, you can’t. Not realisitically.
Of course you can go through your library one-by-one, click on the little black X for each episode and movie, confirm the deletion in each case, wait for all the fancy gui crap to happen, and then do the next one …

Anyway, a little bit of javascript helps a lot here. Visit the following page:
Then open up the javascript console on your browser, and type in the following:
$$('div.remove-library').each(function (e) {$(e).click(); })
You’ll just need to confirm once, then everything on the page will be deleted. (Of course, if you have several pages, you need to do this per page).

Ditto for the TV page:
With script:
$$('div.remove-library').each(function (e) {$(e).click(); })

And for the history page:
Run the following:
$$('div.remove-watched,div.remove-seen').each(function (e) {$(e).click(); })

Granted, the above is not ideal – but it cuts hours of mindless work down to a few mins.