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dd-wrt and 802.11d woes

In Argentina it’s quite difficult to buy a wifi router which is configured correctly for use in this country (with the exception of those that come “free” with your cable etc.).  The majority of network equipment that you find here is bought (over the counter) in other countries, and imported through “unofficial” channels.  This presents a problem with wifi routers, which are often configured for another regulatory domain — as generally those who use them don’t bother (or don’t know how) to fix them.

I live in an highly congested wifi zone (a kismet scan run from my laptop yesterday found an incredible 4200 distinct stations!).  A few hundred of these are access points, most have 802.11d enabled, and many of these transmit a country code that is not AR (i.e. Argentina).  Aside from probably being immoral, that’s not such a big deal.  But …

Enter Mac OS X.

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Cisco Router: Which IP is connected to which port?

This isn’t any great revelation I know, it’s simply a reminder-to-self, because I seem to have a mental block when it comes to this.

show arp

show mac

And that’s it.  The arp table will give you the ip-to-mac mapping, and the mac table will give you the mac-to-port mapping.


rsync over ssh on a non-default port

This has long been plaguing me. I finally worked it out today though. :)

The syntax is quite simple, for port 12345 you would use …

rsync -avPe 'ssh -p  12345' username@remoteserver:/filepath /localfilepath

Very simple when you see how it’s done eh? :P


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RIP Authentication between Cisco IOS & Quagga

For some reason, this wrecks my head every time I have to set it up. It should be simple yes? It looks simple when you see the config below yes?

… well each time I have to set it up, it costs me several hours. I guess it’s some kind of mental block or something.

Anyway, the instructions …
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Eircom Netopia WEP key from SSID

Eircom LogoWell, it’s long been possible, but not much publicised. Almost anywhere in ireland you could get wifi internet access for free with a little know-how and a copy of the eircom wifi install CD.

But now some clever dicks have gone and coded the whole process into a simple web page. I guess it was inevitable.

Full explanation available here.

Page for the script kiddies here.

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