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United Buddy Bears, Plaza San Martín, Buenos Aires

DSC00327.jpgDSC00330.jpgIMG_0050.jpgA rather novel idea: bear statues, each decorated independently by an artist on the theme of a country. Called the United Buddy Bears, they are touring the world and spending a few weeks in Plaza San Martín in Buenos Aires.

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Floralís Genérica, Buenos Aires

This is simply a gigantic metal flower which opens and closes in response to the sunshine.Floralis_Generica_02.jpgFloralis_Generica_07.jpgFloralis_Generica_10.jpg

Designed by Eduardo Catalano, and built with the help of Daimler, it was gifted to the city in 2002.

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Tigre Delta

Armed with her new camera, we decided to take a trip to El Tigre Delta, a little upriver from Buenos Aires yesterday.  It’s a beautiful place, a long way from our daily lifestyles.  Hope was expressed that we could spend our summer holidays there this year.

DSC00379.jpgDSC00469.jpgThe Petrol Station

The google map thingy below shows where it is.

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Using Acupressure to alleviate Jetlag

Sounds insane doesn’t it?  So insane in fact that had I not heard of its effectiveness from a reliable source (a co-worker), I would never have considered trying it.  But try it I did (on my most recent Ireland-Argentina flight), and most effective did I find it.  Extremely so in fact: thus far, I have experienced no jetlag from the journey (where I would normally spend several days recovering).

So what is this miracle cure?  It involves massaging (or applying pressure to) certain parts of your body, at certain times during the flight.  It’s a little complicated, so I think it best to leave the full explanation to the experts: Jetlag Treatment from NaturoDoc.

Many thanks to Stéphane for bringing it to my attention.

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O2 Ireland Roaming in Argentina does not work

Just a brief grumble here:

For the last year or so I’ve been entertained by a humorous work of fiction from O2 Ireland: their supposed roaming agreements with various Argentinian Mobile Phone operators.  Said document proclaims that various services (such as the ability to make a phonecall, or use GPRS) are available to Irish O2 customers travelling in Argentina.  This is quite simply not true.

I just spent 40 mins on hold to the O2 customer support in Ireland.  They proclaim that I can make calls, and that there is an issue with my mobile phone – despite being able to hear a spanish voice (from the mobile operator) telling me that I am not permitted to make calls.  Obviously this means that my phone has learnt to speak spanish and is playing a little trick on me.

Interestingly enough, I can receive calls and (usually) send/receive texts – it’s just making calls that my phone has decided to refuse.

Also rather interestingly: no one else has complained.  When I suggested that the reason no one else has complained was because they were unable to make calls, my suggestion was rejected as ludicrous.

So I’m stuck with an online grumble.  I never thought the day would come, but I believe the time has come for me to switch back to vodafone.  At least their roaming claims are not works of fiction.

(For the googlers: O2, Movistar, Personal, Ireland, Argentina, Roaming).



Graffiti In Buenos Aires

Had occasion to wander around the city with a camera. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

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