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Nokia E65 supported codecs

Based on a little sip debugging, these appear to be the supported audio codecs on the Nokia E65

  • AMR
  • PCMU
  • PCMA
  • iLBC
  • G729

The above is the order they’re presented in, so it’s probably also the order of preference.

Note: These are for VOIP calls only, the media player supports a much broader range of formats.

Update (15 Oct 2007): Nokia have released a simple application called SIP VOIP Settings which now allows you to change the preference order of codecs.

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Nokia SIP settings for Irish VOIP providers

Well it took me long enough to work out what works, so here they are in case someone else finds them useful. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nokia E65 Woes

Nokia E65I’ve quite a bit to get off my chest about this phone, so be warned :)

It’s billed as a “business” phone, with basically every type of connectivity available (3G, GSM, Wifi, Bluetooth & IR), and a price tag to match (around €400). But for that money you get so many great undocumented features: Read the rest of this entry »

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