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Scrup – a better skitch replacement

A brief history:
* Skitch was great. It was an app for taking screenshots on a mac, editing them (in simple ways like adding text, arrows, cropping etc.), and uploading them to your own web hosting (or the app-supplied hosting, which I think no one ever used). Easily the most useful app I had on my mac. And it was free.
* Evernote bought (or somehow got involved with) Skitch, integrated it with all their other crap, removed most of the useful things from it, and basically destroyed it (this was about a year ago, maybe a bit more).
* Public outcry ensued.
* In an attempt to placate all their existing users, they kept the old version of skitch alive, and even updated it once or twice. Sadly though, it hasn’t been updated in a while, and now it looks like it’s been abandoned.
* Along came OSX 10.9, which looks like it has broken Skitch entirely. Even the recently-updated “Evernote-skitch” is broken.

So, today I went looking for, and found, a replacement: Scrup.

And what a replacement it is!

It does essentially the same thing (but much more sensibly). And it’s FREE, and OPEN SOURCE. And it works a treat on 10.9. I just adore that the code is there for all to see on github: there isn’t anything I’d change in it yet, but I just love being able to!