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iPhone gets Delivery Reports – finally!

iPhone Delivery Report SettingsThanks to the incredible efforts of francois.guilleme, the iPhone finally has delivery reports!

By intercepting calls to/from CommCenter, his library modifies outgoing SMS headers (adding the delivery report flag), and captures incoming SMS reports (displaying them either as a flash message, a regular sms message, or a simple ‘tick’ mark).

All the details (including source) are up on the google code site. Installation is simple, just add or as a cydia source, install the iPhoneDelivery package, and robert is your relative.

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iPhone 3.0 Update, but no delivery reports

How could apple develop things like MMS, vCard support, and even peer-to-peer connections for the iPhone, and yet omit gaping holes like SMS delivery report support?  I’m starting to think that SMS delivery reports don’t work in Cupertino.

Edit (July 2009): If you’re interested in getting this feature added to the iPhone OS, please vote for it here: Please Add Delivery Reports to the iPhone.

Update (October 2009): No more silliness with prefixes needed – if you’ve a jailbroken phone, you can now get genuine delivery reports. More info here.

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Email to SMS gateway

This is something I’ve implemented several times over the last few years. The principle is simple:

  • You send an email to with TXT in the subject, and the actual text body in the email body,
  • This goes to your mail server, and gets forwarded to the user smsuser
  • A procmail recipe in smsuser‘s home dir strips out the mobile number and the body of the message, and, using o2sms, sends a regular sms to mobile_number
  • The output from o2sms is sent back to you via email, so you know it all worked out ok.

It’s all free, and reliable.

This is how I went about setting it up on ubuntu: Read the rest of this entry »

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